Where to Buy Disposable Static Mixing Tubes

Bayonet Static mixing tubes

Two-component structural glue is necessary for enhanced performance, especially when there’s the need to stick to larger load-bearing objects. Disposable static mixing tubes are needed to make that, and you need to make sure you have the right products for your operations. That means finding a reputable manufacturer and supplier with a good selection of bayonet, twist […]

How Do You Use a Manual Glue Gun?

Manual Glue Gun

A manual glue gun is used for an adhesive coating to make the process more efficient and time-saving than using extrusion bottles and syringes. It can also reduce extensive labor and the costs associated with it. The tool simplifies the dispensing and application of glue wherever needed, making it practical for industries, such as appliances, electronics, construction […]

The Basics of Using a Manual Glue Gun

Manual Glue Gun

Despite advancements in technology, the manual glue gun is still widely used in many manufacturing processes. It’s a tool that squeezes out the adhesive precisely where the glue is needed. Glue guns simplify the glue coating process and help boost productivity compared to extrusion bottles and syringes. This makes them practical for industries, such as electronic appliances, […]

Facts and Features of Disposable Static Mixing Tubes

Bayonet Static mixing tubes

Two-component structural glue makes a better adhesive than regular glues, especially when manufacturing large load-bearing objects. It can be made by mixing two components in a specific ratio using the right mixing tube. After mixing components A and B, disposable static mixing tubes will continue to cut and reunite the two materials to create a uniform mixture. […]

Bayonet Static Mixing Tubes For Standard 50ml Adhesive Cartridges

Bayonet Static mixing tubes

Static mixer nozzle is a new technical product for mixing a variety of fluids (it is mainly used for the full mixing of Glue A and Glue B of two-component glue). Bayonet static mixer nozzle is mainly used in 50MLAB rubber barrel, which is applicable to the ratio of 1:1, 2:1 and 4:1. Bayonet static […]

Why Should You Use a Manual Glue Gun?

Hot Glue Gun Nozzles & Manual Glue Guns

Are you looking for a way to apply your epoxy resins safely and consistently? If so, a manual glue gun is your best bet. Manual glue guns vs. pneumatic glue guns Epoxy applicators come in various forms, including manual, pneumatic, and battery-driven dispensers. They come in the shape of a pistol, with a secure grip […]

Choosing the Right Hose Clamp Clips for Your House

Strong Hose Clamps Clips

Are your hoses leaking? This issue is common and often caused by damaged connectors, abrasions, and poor-quality materials. It’s crucial to fix it immediately so that it doesn’t lead to huger problems. Make sure you invest in solid hose clamp clips. Your complete guide to hose clamp clips Hose clamps secure your hoses over a […]

Tips For Choosing the Best Tapered Dispensing Tips

Glue dispensing systems

It can be challenging to choose tapered dispensing tips because many different types are available. However, it’s important to pick the right products to ensure proper dispensing of fluid, glue, resin, or sealant. Dispensing tips may seem like minor aspects of the assembly or manufacturing process, but their quality and type can make a difference […]

Custom Dispensing Tips

Tapered dispensing tips

Btektech can produce all the custom dispensing tips you need. Are you looking for a specific stainless steel luer lock metal hub dipensing tip or a lab fluid dispensing tips? Btektech provides you with customized dispensing needles, such as blunt tip dispensing needle, tapered tips and flexible dispensing tips, etc. As an OEM, Btektech is […]

Dynamic Mixing Tube SEC13-25

SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tube was early used as a mixing nozzle for the system design for distributing sealants that bond solar panels together. It is also widely used in the gas and electronic industries. SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tube produced by Btektech has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, durability, and uniform mixing. Compared with a static […]