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Btektech Glue Guns

Which Glue Gun Is Best For Beginners

Glue gun tends to be a generic term that can confuse beginners who need one to accurately and safely dispense adhesives for industrial or commercial

Bayonet Static mixing tubes

Where to Buy Disposable Static Mixing Tubes

Two-component structural glue is necessary for enhanced performance, especially when there’s the need to stick to larger load-bearing objects. Disposable static mixing tubes are needed to make

Manual Glue Gun

How Do You Use a Manual Glue Gun?

A manual glue gun is used for an adhesive coating to make the process more efficient and time-saving than using extrusion bottles and syringes. It can also

Manual Glue Gun

The Basics of Using a Manual Glue Gun

Despite advancements in technology, the manual glue gun is still widely used in many manufacturing processes. It’s a tool that squeezes out the adhesive precisely where the

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