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Tapered dispensing tips

Custom Needle Manufacturer

Btektech can produce all the custom needles you need. Are you looking for a specific stainless steel luer lock metal hub needle or a lab

Dynamic Mixing Tube SEC13-25

SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tube was early used as a mixing nozzle for the system design for distributing sealants that bond solar panels together. It is

Static mixing nozzles manufacturer

Btektech Hose Clamp Introduction

The classification of stainless steel materials is often replaced by numbers such as SS201 and SS304. What are the specific characteristics of these materials? How

Static mixing nozzles manufacturer

About the Choice of Hose Clamp Material

Btektech hose clamp has anti-vibration and anti-loose performance. The perfect engagement of the turbine vortex rod can make a strong and reliable sealing ability of