SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tube was early used as a mixing nozzle for the system design for distributing sealants that bond solar panels together. It is also widely used in the gas and electronic industries.

SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tube produced by Btektech has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, durability, and uniform mixing. Compared with a static mixing nozzle, the dynamic mixing tube is designed so that the elements in the tube can rotate quickly. The rotation of the element is powered by a matching motor and glue valve. Dynamic mixing tube is suitable for two-component liquids or foam liquids with a wide range of disparities. It is very suitable for the mixing effect of liquids with a wide proportion of two components and a large viscosity difference.

SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tube is designed with a hollow knot in the middle of the element to make the liquid mixing more uniform. Its entire inner core has a total of 24 elements.

The outlet of the SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tube has a thread design so that after docking the adapter, the mixing nozzle can be connected with various distributing tips. It has the characteristics of firm connection, not easy to fall off, and smooth glue delivery without dripping.

SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tube data sheet is as below. This product is also widely used in Shengpu glue dispenser machine parts

As a professional mixing nozzle manufacturer, Btektech provides high-quality and competitive products for terminal factories and wholesalers. The standard package of SEC13-25 dynamic mixing tubes is 1000pcs / carton. The size of the box is 58.5 × 38.5 × 35. The weight of the whole case is 16KG. We provide custom packaging services for customers.

We welcome customers to inquire about the price.

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