Mixing Nozzles

The mixing nozzles are used to continuously cut and reorganize two different liquids through blades in the tube, so as to completely and evenly mix the two different liquids into one.
Btektech wholesale and retail mixing nozzles can be divided into two categories: static mixing nozzles and dynamic mixing nozzles.
According to the interface style, the static mixing tube can be divided into the following: bayonet type, bayonet mount type, round mouth, and self threaded; According to tube style, it can be divided into a circular tube and square tube; According to the shape of the rubber outlet, it can be divided into the stepped mouth, straight mouth, and conical mouth.
Static mixing nozzles are widely used in two-component rubber cylinders and dispensing machines.
The standard specifications of dynamic mixing nozzles are divided into RM and RS, generally red core or green core. The product is used in electronic production, electrical manufacturing, civil construction, and automobile manufacturing.