American Style Syringe Cartridge

The barrel body adopts imported thickening material, which is not easy to burst. The design of thread mouth can ensure that the needle does not loose. Supply specifications from 3CC to 300CC.


Specially designed non-slanting vertical wall screw teeth clear and uniform, the needle is easy to tighten, not easy to fall off, in the dispensing with a special piston, so that the liquid in the syringe clean without residual glue.
Available in three colors: transparent for general fluids: tan for UV adhesive (covering 280 to 390nm wavelength), and black for photocurable adhesive with UV protection.

Color Capacity (CC) ID  (mm) OD  (mm) Length (mm)
Clear/Amber 3 9.5 11.5 74.4
Clear/Amber 5 12.6 14.4 70
Clear/Amber 10 15.6 18.5 91
Clear/Amber 30 22.5 25.5 118.5
Clear/Amber 55 22.5 25.5 174.5
Clear/Amber 100 31 37 191.5
Clear/Amber 200 40 45.4 230
Clear/Amber 300 50 55 200


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