Dispensing Tips PTEF Lined Needle

The design of PTFE tips lining can not only effectively prevent the quick bonding of instant glue, but also ensure the good directivity of the needle.



The PTEF needle has a double-threaded polypropylene needle holder and an outer tube precisely pressed with the PTEF lining, which is exposed approximately 3mm from the inside of the stainless steel needle.  When using PTEF-lined tips, prevents Cyanopropionate from blocking and damaging the base.  

Gauge Color ID(mm) OD(mm) 12.7mm(1/2″) 25.4mm(1″)
20 Grey 0.6 1.1 PT 20050 PT 20100
25 Pink 0.3 0.78 PT 25050 PT 25100
27 Red 0.2 0.55 PT 27050 PT 27100

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