Disposable Plastic Mixing Nozzle Bayonet Static Mixer Tube

Bayonet mixing nozzle, light square bayonet style twist-lock, Can be tightly connected to 50 ml AB glue cartridge. the liquid can be from AB glue cartridge separate into the tube, Cut and recombine when flowing in the tube, thus playing a mixing role.


PMA static mixing nozzle is suitable for 1:1 and 2:1 glue mixing. This series of  mixing tubes can be cut through the stepped head of the static mixing tube to increase the outlet size or adapt the needle to reduce the outlet.

No. Part No. Elements I.D.(mm) L(mm) O.D.(mm) A(mm) Inner-core Color
A1 PMC3.0-08S 8 3 38 4.6 1 White
A2 PMA3.0-07S 7 3 33.2 4.6 1 White
A3 PMA3.0-17S 17 3 63 4.6 1 White
A5 PMA5.4-17S 17 5.4 103 7.6 1.5 White
A7 PMA6.3-21S 21 6.3 153 8.7 1.5 White
A8 PMA6.3-21L 21 6.3 151.5 8.7 1.5 White



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