Japanese Style Syringe Cartridge

Syringe barrel unique ultra-low draft structure, high precision inside diameter, good stability. They are made up of industry-compliant silicone and chlorine-free, low-friction polypropylene.


The transparent syringe is suitable for all kinds of electronic packaging adhesive, conductive adhesive, flux, solder paste, SM patch red adhesive, lubricating oil, paint, and so on. The black syringe is suitable for UV curing adhesive and other occasions requiring black shading. The green syringe can block ultraviolet light, visible light through 3%, especially suitable for long-term storage of UV glue and long-distance transportation safety requirements. Amber syringes are only suitable for general UV protection workplaces and are not recommended for long-term storage of UV glue.

Color Capacity








Clear/Green/Black/orange 5 13 15.4 77 50pcs/bag
Clear/Green/Black/orange 10 15.1 17.5 106 50pcs/bag
Clear/Green/Black/orange 30 22.8 25.5 130 20pcs/bag
Clear/Green/Black/orange 55 22.8 25.5 162 20pcs/bag
Clear/Green/Black/orange 70 22.80 25.5 223 10pcs/bag

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