Needle Off Dispensing Valve

The stop-off mode is thimble blockage, which can stop glue spitting instantaneously.


The anodized aluminum alloy as the main material, strong corrosion resistance. Can connect all kinds of needles.

Part No YK-11 MY-S10 JF004 HMJQ-19 YK-58
Structure Needle off Needle off Multiple moving thimble type / 1000 minute fine-tuning Multiple moving thimble type Multiple moving thimble type
Pressure 4-7KGF/cm 0.1-7KGF/cm 4-7KGF/CM 4-7KGF/CM 4-7KGF/CM
Minimum Quantity 0.1ml 0.05ml 0.001ml 0.001ml 0.001ml
Viscosity 1-1000000CPS 1-1000000CPS 1-1000000CPS 1-1000000CPS 1-1000000CPS
Inlet Outlet Size 8*6mm 8*6mm 1/8″NPT(F) 1/8″ NPT(F) 1/8″ NPT(F)
Control Method Manual control <600/MIN <600/MIN <600/MIN
Weight 150g 130g 190g 158g
Outer Diameter ¢20mm ¢19mm (D)21*(H)130(MM) SQUARE Part ¢19* cylinder part ¢24 *(H)165mm round Part¢19* cylinder part ¢24 *(H)165mm round
Dimensions 180mm 150mm / / /
Inner Diameter 3mm 1.5mm / / /
Main Material Aluminum alloy (anodized), POM, and stainless steel. Aluminum anode and stainless steel SUS304 stainless steel Aluminum alloy (anodized) Aluminum alloy (anodized)

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