Two Component Dual Cartridge

The two-component Dual Cartridge supplied by Btektech is suitable for the packaging of high-grade two-component liquids.



Two tubes of specific capacity, sharing one outlet, can be used to package or mix two liquids in proportion. The corresponding piston edge is close to the wall of the tube to ensure that the liquid is released smoothly without leakage.

Item No. Ratio Capacity Exhausting Material
Cartridge Plungers
E1 1:1 50ml Y PP PE
E2 1:1 50ml N PP PE
E3 2:1 50ml Y PP PE
E4 2:1 50ml N PP PE
E5 10:1 50ml Y PBT PE
E6 10:1 75ml Y PBT PE
E7 1:1 400ml Y PE PE
E8 4:1 50ml Y PP PE
ABNS1  1:1 5ml N PP PE
ABNS2  1:1 24ml / PP PE
ABNS3  1:1 590ml Y PP PE
ABNS4  1:1 600ml Y PP PE
ABNS5  2:1 450ml Y PE PE
ABNS6  2:1 900ml N PP PE
ABNS7  3:1 385ml Y PP PE
ABNS8  3:1 390ml N PP PE
ABNS9  5:1 360ml Y PP PE
ABNS10  10:1 250ml Y PBT PE
ABNS11  10:1 345ml Y PP PE
ABNS12  10:1 380ml N PP PE
ABNS13  10:1 490ml Y PBT PE
ABNS14  1:1 1500ml Y/N PP PE

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