Dental Impression Mixing Tips

We offer dental impression mixing tips that every clinic needs, this high-performance dental mixing tip is available in a variety of sizes and colors to meet different blending needs. The yellow mixing tips and brown mixing tips are the best types to use. Our products are made of high quality and extremely durable materials, they are very durable and compatible with most machines.



Using dental impression mixing tips can save manpower, reduce waste, improve productivity and significantly reduce the production cost, the product application in electronic manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, civil building, automobile manufacturing, gift decoration, etc. widely used in all sorts of two-component adhesive, filler mixed (including epoxy resin, silicone, PU, UV).
High-performance mixing tips, and various available sizes/colors for different mixing needs. Innovative mixer design allows a more compact shape, reducing material waste volume. Advanced technology leads to more efficient material processing, achieving more homogeneous mixing results. Reduced material waste volume More homogeneous mixing results enhance application safetyNo change in the working environment. Of course, if you also need a dual cartridge applicator gun, you can also contact us. (Due to the different resolutions of computer monitors, chromatic aberration may occur.
If necessary, please contact our customer service for samples. )

part number element Inner diameter (mm) Length (mm) inner core color
7015(1:1) 1 37 Brown/White
7016(1:1) 1 37 Brown/White+tip
7018(1:1) 0.5 37 Brown/White+tip
7005(1:1) 8.5 89 Purple
7002(1:1) 5 83 Green
7003(1:1) 5 83 Pink
7001(1:1) 3.5 70 Yellow
7010(1:1) 1 78 Blue/orange
7011(1: 1) 1 78 Blue/ white


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